Tiptoe School Marathon Launches!

We are very excited to launch the Tiptoe School Marathon. The children are being challenged to run the equivalent of a Marathon (26.2 miles) over the following weeks and months. All children will take part and will be encouraged to run, jog and walk with the aim of developing resilience, increasing regular physical activity and promoting positive mental well-being.  

The children will run at the start of PE lessons, can attend Running Club (Juniors only), can run every lunch time and break time and can run at other times that their teachers feel are appropriate. In addition, a member of staff will be on duty on the field between 3.30 – 4 on Wednesdays so that children can complete more laps. This is NOT a club and parents or carers must be in attendance.

Every time the children complete laps, they will complete a running slip and post it in the box by the office. 

To encourage the children to ‘stick at it’ throughout this challenging event, we are offering some incentives. This will include certificates, T-shirts and medals at certain milestones along the way – the first is at one mile where they will receive a certificate and the second is at 5K where they will receive a T-shirt as modelled by Ben!


We would love all parents and carers to get behind their children and support them in this challenge.